How To Find the Right Lawyer for Your Case


If you find yourself in need of a lawyer, you might want to know that all lawyers are not able to handle all areas of the law equally. That is why as you search for an attorney you will find divorce, family law, corporate, personal injury, and a host of other types of specialties. Since the lawyer you hire will fight at your side and offer you strategic advice on how to win your case, it is important to find the best lawyer in your area. Here are three tips.

Private Referral

If you need to find a lawyer Iowa, ask someone you know that has a problem much like yours for a referral to their attorney. Talk to a business owner about corporate law, a women’s shelter about sexual harassment, or a recent divorcee about family law. With recommendations in hand, look for information on the internet about those attorneys, such as what they specialize in, how long they have been practicing, and how big the law firm is. This information can help you narrow your list of possibilities. Remember, although personal referrals are a great start, don’t forget to interview the lawyer before hiring their team.

Lawyer Directory

Another great source to help you find an attorney is an internet lawyer directory. Many states have a directory that lists pertinent information on each lawyer in the state, even breaking it down to cities and counties. If your state does not have a directory, there are a couple of national lawyer directory services. The national lists provide education, fees, legal standing, and experience for each attorney listed. As you sort through the list, remember to search for the type of lawyer your case requires.

Online Referral

An online referral service is something that is fairly new. Unlike other sources of information, this one is a group of attorneys that pay for a service to recommend their law firm to callers in their area. While experience and qualifications may vary, there is often a large data base of specialty lawyers listed in this type of directory.

When looking for an attorney to fight for you, it is important to remember you are paying for the legal services of a mediator between you and the court. Make sure the lawyer listens to you, is willing to work with you, and doesn’t plan on sending your case to a paralegal for processing. You have the right to ask questions – make sure your lawyer has the answers.