How the Camelbak Water Bottle Save a Life in A Mountain Bike Trail


When cyclists Molly and Andrew Sampey embarked on a camping trip in Corpus Christi, Texas, US they never imagined the troubles that would follow. In mid-April of last year, the Sampey left their suburban home in Dallas, Texas and drove down to Corpus Christi with the intention of completing some of the many mountain bike trails the region has to offer.

The professional, fit couple had previously travelled abroad and cycled throughout New Zealand and Europe on trails that varied significantly in terrain conditions, difficulty and length. With hobbies like this, it is important to know a corpus christi personal injury attorney and have his contact number saved on your phone so you won’t have to worry much when an accident happens.

On the third morning of their trip, once settled at the campsite and having tested the biking equipment on short, unchallenging trails in the previous days Molly and Andrew attempted a 6-hour bike trail that would have test even the most experienced cyclist.

“It was a beautiful morning, Andy and I were Happy that we had already done the first three kilometres of the trail a while back and enjoyed the bushland and oceans meeting in a wonderful view,” Molly said.

In the morning they prepared and started on their journey enjoying the bushland and oceanic view as they went further ahead. Suddenly the trail of bushes led to a steep and rocky trail. Believing that it was a part of the path and that others before them conquered, they started treading down reminding one another to be careful and take things slowly. As they trodden down the rocky road, they started feeling regret and was about to try and turn, but ended on a sharp bend.

Andrew’s bike could not take the turn, and he fell along with his bike into the sea below. He dropped almost seven metres from the trail onto the ocean. Thankfully the cliff was clean, and there were no protruding rocks, saving him from further injuries. Molly was in shock of what happened. Dropping to the ground and screaming for Andrew to show himself if he was ok. Andrew fell off the cliff.

Everything happened so fast that he had no time to take a deep breath before he plunged into the sea. In a panic he started to swim up, his bike got tangled to him and was slowly dragging him down.  At first, Andrew tried swimming with all of his might. However, he was still a bit shaken up by the unexpected circumstances that he couldn’t command his body right. He needed to do something, or he will lose everything.

“At that moment, I remembered the camelback water bottles Molly had ordered online, I did not refill mine on our last stop,” Andrew recalled.

With a little bit of desperation Andrew started to flail around, trying to grab air that was floating in front of him, he then slowly got in contact with his half-empty bottle and realised that there might be air in that. By taking a deep breath, the oxygen gave Andrew enough time to untangle the bike and swim to the surface. Molly and Andrew decided to go home and take an extended rest. After what happened they decided to stay within the confines of their home for a little while.