Civil Litigation And All About It With Daniel E. DeKoter Lawyer


Law is present in every aspect of the society and is known by various names, two of the broadest category of law are Criminal and Civil Law. Civil Law is quite varied from the Criminal Law mainly in the fact that while in the former there is no imprisonment of any sort, the latter entails with it imprisonment and several other more strict forms of punishment. Daniel E. DeKoter Lawyer and other civil litigation attorneys like him will be able to clearly be able to differentiate for you the two kinds of law.

Mr. DeKoter has been one of the very few lawyers to have earned the ‘AV’ rating , which is the highest form of recognition that nay lawyer can get from his nation. He is a very reputed figure in the legal field especially when it comes to civil litigation. He and his partners at the DeKoter, Thole, Dawson & Rockman law firm endeavor to provide the best kind of assistance to clients and know properly the art of not just attracting clients but also retaining them.

Daniel E. DeKoter Lawyer has represented clients in places such as Osceola County, Lyon O’Brien, Dickinson and the Nobles and Jackson counties in Minnesota. Presently he is serving at the Village Northwest Unlimited Board and is also a member of the Iowa State Bar Association Legal Forms Committee, Northwest Iowa Humane Society,  and the Sibley Library Board.

Civil litigation cases are those that rise out of some kind of a dispute between two or more parties, usually it involves the landlord and the tenant, or a business owner and the partners. These are brawls that arise over business, property or society, and it is because these cases are not so grave that they do not entail with them dire consequences. In fact, a majority of such cases do not even land in the court, instead are settled outside the court and are known as settlement.

In order to file a civil litigation, one of the involved parties needs to get hold of an adept civil litigation attorney and narrate to him/her the entire incident. Once the attorney is convinced after carrying out his own research about the authenticity of the event, a written document is sent to the other party in order to inform the date of being present at the pre-trial. After the two pre-trials comes the trial and finally comes the judgment by the court. However, if at any point of before the judgment either of party feels that his case is weak, they can always take the first step towards a settlement.

One other major difference of a civil litigation case to a criminal case is that the former does not provide the facility of an attorney by the court so that the convicted can be represented at the court free of cost. The reason behind this is that there is no punishment in the form of imprisonment in such cases. Hence if you are intent on filing a case of civil litigation you have to prepared to able to shed dollars from your own pocket to meet the expenses of the attorney’s fees.