What You Need To Know About Bail


You have probably heard or know of someone that was arrested and in need of bail money after a night out on the town. However, although bail is a commonly used term, many people don’t know what it entails. Have you ever wondered what bail is and how a bail bond works? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

The Bail Process

When you want to know how to bail someone out of jail Philadelphia PA, it may be difficult to understand the system because there are certain procedures that must be followed after the arrest. A bail hearing is typically called, and a bail amount is set by a judge. The bail total must be met before the defendant can be released from jail.

The Bail Problem

Judges often set the bail amount at a high number to emphasize the serious nature of the defendant’s error in judgment. If you are like the majority of people, the bail amount typically exceeds the cash you have readily available. That is why most people turn to a bail agent or bail bondsman to help post the money.

The Bail Agent

An agent or bondsman is generally available to answer your call 24 hours a day. After securing the defendant’s information, the agent often takes jewelry, property, or cash as collateral. While the service does commonly cost between 10 and 15 percent of the total, it can mean the immediate release of the defendant.

The Bail Bond

Another reason to hire a bail agent is the variety of bonds available, the convolution of the legal system, and the flight risk of some defendants. The agent can notify you of court appearances, provide the proper type of bond, and locate the defendant if he or she does not appear at court when scheduled.

Finding bail for a relative or friend can be difficult, but it can be made easier by letting a qualified bail bond agent help you through the process. Let the experts help you.