Common Misconceptions About DUI Cases


It seems like everywhere one turns there is a generally accepted idea about driving under the influence and why it is a charge you can never win against in Tennessee. Unfortunately, most of these generally agreed upon principles are lies which will never do you good if you have been arrested. At a time when you have to come face to face with the law, it is best if all misconceptions are thrown out of the window and every aspect of the case analyzed professionally. Far from what many people expect, many people have actually won DUI cases and proceeded to have back their driving privileges.

Instead of taking the gamble and listening to every Tom, Dick, and Harry about what driving under the influence could mean, it is fundamental to seek out a Knoxville DUI Lawyer. While there are a lot of myths concerning these charges, one thing that remains for sure is that driving under the influence comes with heavy penalties. It is facing the realities of a sentence that can see one serve jail time, pay heavy fines, and lose their driving licenses. The spillover effect often goes to the loved ones and could greatly impact current and future employment capabilities which call for giving out full commitment to handling the charges.

When it comes to common myths about DUI one of the most misinterpreted aspects is the reality about field sobriety tests. Ask any driver, and the answer would be that failure to take these tests which can be used against one in the courtroom will automatically result in losing the driving license. This could not be further from the truth as any seasoned lawyer that has handled hundreds of cases would make known to their clients. The Tennessee Supreme Court on field sobriety tests has proven that one can still be arrested after taking the tests which makes it an unreliable measure for any driver.

All the tests are conducted according to the National Highway Traffic Safety administration publications which mean they are all standardized. The problem with these standardized tests such as walk & turn test, one leg stands, and Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus is that there are lots of factors that can make one easily fail. In a court of law, a DUI lawyer can argue against come of the standards for the case taking to account special elements unique to the client such as medical condition, age, weight, and physical conditions. If one has to face such ‘clear evidence’ alone, it essentially means there is no chance at having a leveled field for winning the case.

Another popular lie that is accepted even by the police and some lawyers is that once the blood alcohol concentration is above the legal limit which is 0.08, then you can never win the case. Similar to myths about field sobriety tests, there are lots of ways in which the charges can be argued making the client innocent in the face of the law. It takes an experienced DUI attorney to pull of the best cards for such matters when the BAC tests put the client at a disadvantage and overturn the odds in favor of the client.