Your ultimate guide to workers compensation attorneys and how they could be of help to you


Life is quite capricious, one minute you are okay and going about your regular routine at work the next one you find yourself stuck at home nursing injuries you incurred while at work or even worse in a hospital bed. That is not only emotionally traumatizing but also has the potential to punch a massive hole in your bank account. Fortunately, you don’t have to keep up with that because a worker’s compensation attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve. Unfortunately, there are flocks of them flooding the market that making up your mind can be quite a daunting task which is why we went the extra mile through the list of tips below and all that you need to know about this kind of attorneys. 

Who is a worker’s compensation attorney and what does he/she do? 

The field of law is quite vast and difficult for an ordinary person to comprehend. For instance, most people tend to confuse a personal injury lawyer to a worker’s compensation attorney which is why it is essential that we set the record straight by telling you who the latter is and what he/she does. 

A worker’s compensation attorney is a state recognized lawyer who helps workers injured while in the line of duty get compensation for the financial losses, medical bills, pain and suffering experienced after the injury. In other words, this kind of attorney specializes in workplace injuries such as 

– Shoulder, back, joint and spinal cord 
– Neck and head injuries 
– Repetitive motion and stress injuries 
– Death claims 
– Post-traumatic stress disorders 
– Heart attack and strokes 
– Fatal injuries which result to wrongful death 
– Psychiatric and permanent disability 

Why should I hire one? 

Most people do not often see the essence of hiring an attorney until when it is too case of an injury, you should hire one immediately because there is a statute of limitations which govern this field of law. Below are some of the reasons why you should hire one. Unlike you, a worker’s compensation attorney is well versed with what the law states regard injuries incurred while in at work due to negligence. It is therefore easy for him to get you compensated in comparison to when you take the steps of asking for compensation on your own. Additionally, it is easy for your employer to talk you into settling for less than you deserve only to notice that you deserved a higher compensation when you can no longer go back because you’ve already accepted you the terms they offered you. But an attorney is aware of your rights and will ensure that you get what you deserve for the financial, emotional and physical pain that the incident might have caused you. 

If your employer denies your claims 

Even though you might get a minor injury which does not require you to seek the services of an attorney, there might be an exception if your employer decides to deny your claim or if they refuse to pay your benefits as they should. In such a case, seek the services of a worker’s compensation attorney so he can help you get the compensation you deserve. Unfortunately, injuries incurred while in the line of work might be catastrophic resulting in you not being able to go back to work. In such a case don’t pity yourself. Instead hire an attorney who will help you get compensated by receiving a lump sum of money, weekly or monthly payments to keep you on your feet financially. 

If you are fired or demoted for filing claims 

Not all bosses in Mason are often happy about having to pay for a worker’s compensation claim and you might find yourself on the receiving edge if you file one. For instance, it is possible for your boss to fire, demote or even reduce your pay just because you filed the claim. You do not have to keep up with this and neither do you have to feel sorry for filing the claim because it was your right. Again, you don’t have to deal with this on your own instead you should seek workers comp services Mason City IA. to walk you through the process. 

How to choose a workers compensation attorney 

Ask for references, Run a background check on the internet on the references you get, look at reviews and customer testimonials on platforms such as Yelp, Ensure you remain with at least three of the firms which specialize in this sector and book an appointment with the three of them on separate days, Pay attention to how you are treated while booking the appointment, say is the attorney listening as he/she should? Does he/she seem to be interested? Do they interrupt you while you are talking? Does he/she explain the process ahead? 

Treat the above step like an interview and make up your mind on one depending on the response you felt was the best for you. According to statistics, more than 2.3 million employees succumb to work-related injuries every year while 313 million others are unable to work due to the same. Some of them are often too afraid to fight for their rights while others are offered less than they deserve for settlement. Don’t allow yourself to become a mere statistic, seek compensation today by hiring an attorney to walk you through the process.