The Realities of Arrest and Bail


Many people have many complaints about the unfairness of the legal system in the United States, and many of these criticisms are certainly on point. Still, as frayed as the system may be in some ways, the underlying purpose of the system is to protect the rights of the innocent from being punished unfairly. The fact is, however, that there are many people doing time in prison for crimes they did not commit, but at least now DNA evidence is working to get the release of many of these people, which is good news for everyone.

Arrest and Bail

Anyone who is caught committing a crime or who is seriously suspected of committing a crime can be taken in by the police if the police have sufficient evidence against the accused. Once a person is arrested they will be informed of their rights to an attorney, and also of their right to remain silent. These rights are in place to help a person keep themselves from incriminating themselves by speaking out. This is also why it’s wise to take advantage of the right to have an attorney in place in order to protect the rights of the accused.

Once the accused party is taken into custody by the police, they will then be booked and placed in custody in jail. If the court sets an amount for bail, they will then have the right to have a friend or family member post the bail money. If they don’t have enough money to post bail, they can take out a loan from a bail bonds marion county oh bail bondsman. This money allows the accused party to go free until their court date commences and the case is resolved. After that, the court will give the bail money back and it can be repaid to the bondsman, with interest.

Posting bail doesn’t have any impact on whether or not the defendant will be found not guilty, but at least it gives them a chance to be free until the case is resolved, which is a very good thing to ultimately have happen.