How Workman’s Comp Can Benefit You When Injured on the Job


Losing the ability to work after an on-the-job illness or injury is no laughing matter. It can leave you in a financial bind in a hurry. Workman’s comp insurance is a benefit you might qualify for and can help in many ways after an injury.

Gain money for Medical Treatment and Temporary Disability

The cost of seeing doctors, receiving treatments, and purchasing medicine can break your bank account after an on-the-job illness or injury. Workman’s comp coverage is available to any employee that has to seek medical treatment for an incident that is provably due to the job.

Covers Loss of Wages When Your Work Hours are Modified or Limited

Coming back to work might require that your hours be limited or modified in some way. The workman’s comp benefits can cover any loss of normal wages you would have received. It can help you retain a normal paycheck, even if your hours worked are less.

Covers an Impairment-Only Award

Some injuries qualify for compensation for the imp[airment, but not as an ongoing partial disability. It’s considered an impairment that can be healed from or somewhat improved. A broken bone that needs surgery and ongoing physical therapy is considered an injury that leaves you impaired, but you are expected to heal enough to be fully functional over time.

Covers Permanent Disability

If you are not expected to be able to function at the level you did ever again, you can qualify for impairment and disability for the rest of your life, in some cases. Serious back and head injuries often result in this type of award.

Covers the Cost of Retraining

If you are not able to return in the capacity of what you were working, you might be eligible for retraining. It allows up to 18-months of retraining in an occupation you can better handle.

Find out more about available benefits and whether you qualify by consulting a workers compensation attorney Salem Oregon trusts for the best legal advice on job injury cases.