Trying to Handle a Divorce Alone is Often a Mistake

Divorce Law

Every divorce is a complicated legal matter, even when there are no minor children in the marriage. There’s still issues of dividing property and assets to consider. You may also need to request spousal support Hillsborough County, which is another issue that can make the divorce proceeding more complex. Whether you need temporary support or permanent support, this is something best handled by an attorney.

A typical divorce proceeding becomes an adversarial proceeding that will pit you against your spouse. In order to obtain your desired outcome, it often becomes necessary to paint your spouse in a bad light. You will also have to be able to establish your rights under the law, so the judge will see that you have the legal grounds for your requests. Most people aren’t familiar enough with family law to manage this on their own.

This is why the expertise of a family lawyer should be employed. Your attorney will know how to present your case in relation to the laws, so the judge will be more likely to side with you. It’s highly probable that your spouse will have an attorney of their own, so failing to hire a lawyer for yourself will also place you at an unfair advantage. When it comes to a divorce, you will want to keep the playing field as level as possible.

In requesting spousal support, your lawyer will know what evidence will be the most compelling to a judge. This often involves providing summaries of financial statements. The judge will want to compare the income and debts of each partner to determine if support should be granted and how much should be paid. Meanwhile, your spouse’s lawyer will counteract your lawyer’s arguments to try to convince the judge to deny support.

As this suggests, handling a divorce without an attorney can have devastating consequences. If your goal is to obtain a fair settlement, hiring a divorce lawyer is a necessity. While this represents an additional expense at a difficult time, it’s still the best way to obtain a favorable outcome.